• Jeremy Scott

A $500 gift.

I want to give you a gift worth $500. Interested? Read on.

A church in 21st century North America must have a website. I always ask people who visit our church, “How did you hear about our church?” Almost without fail, the answer is, ”I googled for churches in the area, found you, checked out the website, and decided to come for a service.”

Almost everyone looks for a church website before visiting a church service.

I know for some churches where the pastor is the only staff person, creating and maintaining a website seems daunting. I remember the early years of website creation, and it was an expensive, complicated process. Thankfully, those days are in the past. It is easy to create websites using services like Wix or Clover Sites – I’ve used both services for the WARBC, and both are very user-friendly when it comes to managing the content.

But what about the cost? Usually, a Clover Ste costs $500 to set up and then $29/mth for hosting. But if you use a link they have given to me, they will waive the $500 set up fee. Your church would only be responsible for the $29/mth for hosting. A really good deal.

Here is the link: https://hello.cloversites.com/church-website-gift

The people at Clover are also pleasant to work with, and they provide excellent support material to answer any problem you may encounter. I’ve called them on the phone with questions, and they have always been a great help.

I’m not getting any compensation for my advertising; I simply think this is a good deal and could help any church who desires to get a better website.

Happy with your website service? That’s fine. But check out this article by Jonathan Howe, Six Small Tweaks That Make Big Differences For Your Church Website. It may help your good church website become even better.

Just curious, what do you currently use for your online presence?
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