• Jeremy Scott

Biblical Exposition Workshop

I wanted to send a note telling you about The Charles Simeon Trust Workshop on Biblical Exposition held at CrossWay Community Church on February 19-21, 2020.  You’ve still got time to register—and to get the early bird rate ($139 before January 29; $159 after)!

I have never been to one of these, but several of my friends have and speak very highly of it. I’m considering going next month.

Here is how the organizers describe the workshop:

The workshop is pretty narrowly aimed. It’s for those of us who preach regularly and for those preparing for that kind of work. It’s designed to help us preach better, to help us grow in our ability to proclaim God’s Word. To that end, each workshop combines large group instruction (talks & example expositions) with small group practice. (These small groups are the real heart and soul of the workshop. You’ll like these.) Each workshop focuses on one type of literature—genre—in the Bible. This year’s focus is on Preaching Romans.

Alongside all this, you’ll also get a chance to rub shoulders with men from your area engaged in Gospel ministry. Frankly, we’re excited about all the ways God could use our time together for the good of our churches and our communities.

You can register at (https://simeontrust.org/workshop/bristol-2020/).

Click here for the brochure.

Let me know if you are going. It may tip the scales for me to sign up as well!