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Free tools every pastor of a small church needs.

I understand that most pastors reading this blog post are solo pastors who juggle multiple responsibilities and wear many hats. You are trying to keep more plates spinning than you signed up for when you were hired at your church. I also know that most of you do not have the luxury of a large staff to help you with your ministry.

Moreover, I know many of you do not have the budget to purchase software for editing pictures and videos for your church's website and social media platforms. And wouldn't it be great to have a proofreader who is always available?

That's where comes in. Let me introduce you to this fantastic website if you haven't heard of it before. I stumbled upon it a couple of weeks ago and have been impressed with its various tools ever since. offers pdf tools, image tools, video tools, AI writing, and File tools, all for free. I have personally used several tools and have been impressed. The image tools are easy to use, and the AI tools help smooth out writing (just don’t use AI to generate your sermon content!).

As a fellow pastor, I always want to share helpful tools with other pastors, especially those constantly working on projects they were not trained to do, such as image corrections, social media posting, and converting files.

And the best part? All the tools on are free and no account required! So, go ahead and check it out. I hope it makes your ministry a little bit easier.

I'd love to know which tools you find most helpful. Mention those tools in the comment section.

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