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Meet 'n Greet - episode 1.

One of my goals is to build up and equip the pastors and churches of the WARBC. Connections and networking are crucial ways for us to strengthen our association. Unfortunately, because we are so spread out across this grand State of Wisconsin, I fear that we don’t know each other as well as we could.

To help “introduce” each pastor to the rest of the fellowship, I plan to interview each pastor and then post the videos for you to watch.

We start this project with Bill Mattox, the Chairman of the Council of 6 and Pastor at Meadowood Baptist Church in Madison. You can watch his interview here.

If you are a pastor in the WARBC, I would love to interview you! Could you sign up here for a time for me to connect with you over Zoom?

I hope these interviews are a blessing to you.

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