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The Creative Pastor

We live in a visual society. By that, I mean how things look makes a big difference. On the one hand, we could scoff at how superficial that sounds but on the other hand, we need to recognize that God designed us to appreciate the good, true, and beautiful. So, it’s not wrong to want things to look nice. It’s wrong to overprioritize beauty, but beauty has its place, even in pastoring and ministry.

I don't claim to be an expert on this subject, but I know that churches need creative graphics and visuals. But how can we do that when many of us are the only vocational minister at our churches? Or if others are on staff, making things look nice isn’t at the top of their priority list?

Thankfully, there are great tools available today. One indispensable tool is Canva. I mentioned Canva in a previous post. And, remember, non-profits get a complimentary premium account.

Another tool I just recently came across is a blog called, The Creative Pastor. I encourage you to check it out. Some of the material is good, some is great, and some isn't going to be your cup of tea. But I think most pastors could find something useful there!

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