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A Good Friday Service

Last night, Meadowood Baptist Church and Memorial Baptist Church joined for a Good Friday Service. Pastor Bill Mattox gave a great devotional after great congregational singing and Scripture Reading. We then ended the night with the Lord’s Supper. It was a great night of gospel fellowship and kingdom partnership.

In their book Churches Partnering Together, Chris Bruno and Matt Dirks define kingdom partnership as:

“a gospel-driven relationship between interdependent local churches that pray, work, and share resources together strategically to glory God through kingdom-advancing goals they could not accomplish alone.” (p.18)

I’m thankful for other gospel-driven churches nearby that have a partnership mentality.

If you are a pastor, please pray for other gospel-centered churches in your area during your Sunday gathering. Also, plan a combined service once in a while if possible. Sharing the load for the service will bless you, and each church will see pastors partnering rather than competing.

In the end, Jesus is prioritized, and God is glorified.

Sounds like a win to me.

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