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Growing Your Marriage

(This was originally posted on February 25, 2020)

“How is your marriage?”

When was the last time someone asked you that question?

When was the last time you thought about that question?

The reality is that, if you are married, you need to be working on your marriage. Always. As you know, marriage is not as easy as it once looked. But by God’s grace, we all can have a healthy marriage. Sure, there will be times of stress and frustration, but if we make it a priority, we can have healthy, growing marriages.

There are a lot of books available to read, plenty of podcasts to listen to, and videos to watch about marriage. If you are interested, I can give you a list. But in this post, I want to direct your attention to a short article that I read a few years ago that I think is very helpful.

But before you head over to the article, here is an accurate cartoon about what should have been in many of our marriage vows.

Click here for 10 Ways to Grow Your Marriage While Having Young Kids. (The article is still helpful even if you don’t have young kids).

Let’s be praying for each other and our marriages!

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