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Leveraging God's Common Grace

Theologians differentiate God’s grace into two broad categories: Special Grace and Common Grace. Special grace refers to God’s saving grace, whereas common grace is

“a term used to describe the goodness of God to a sin-cursed world, not including salvation. John Murray defined common grace as “every favour of whatsoever kind and degree, falling short of salvation, which this undeserving and sin-cursed world enjoys at the hand of God” (Collected Writings, 2:96).[1]

I was thanking God today for His common grace displayed in technology. While it is true that I am often frustrated with technology and the negative effect it has had on our society, I must admit that there is also much good that can come from technology.

For example, every Wednesday morning at 6:00 AM, I sit at my desk, open the Zoom application on my computer, and meet with a man living in the Middle East. For 60-90 minutes, I discuss the Bible, Theology, and Church History with this man who desires to be a pastor in a challenging place.

I have been privileged to have access to theological training and sound resources by God's grace. This man does not have the same opportunities and help where he lives. So, I share what I have through the mind-boggling medium of technology. How can I have a video conversation with someone on the other side of the world with no lag time at all? It truly is amazing.

If it were not for God’s common grace of technology, I could not share what God has provided for me with this man.

It’s easy to limit our use of technology to get the weather forecast, sport score updates, and social media updates. Let me encourage you to express your gratefulness for God’s common grace of technology in a more kingdom-focused way.

How are you using God’s common grace of technology? I’d love to read your ideas in the comments.

[1] Alan Cairns, Dictionary of Theological Terms (Belfast; Greenville, SC: Ambassador Emerald International, 2002), 96.

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