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October 17-18, 2021

As summer marches on, we must begrudgingly look ahead to when the lazy days and longer nights come to an end. The upside of losing summer is that the WARBC Annual Conference is just around the corner. We will begin the conference at Memorial Baptist Church in Verona on Sunday evening, October 17th, and end on Monday afternoon.

Dr. Jared Compton will be our speaker for the conference, and he will walk us through the book of Hebrews and how it relates to Biblical Theology.

Memoirs of an Extraordinary Pastor: Hebrews and the Promise of Biblical Theology is the conference's theme. Read what Dr. Compton has to say in preparation for our time together:

The author of Hebrews was an extraordinary pastor. To help his friends hold on to Jesus, he tells the Bible's story in a fresh and compelling way. It's a brilliant pastoral move worthy of our attention and emulation. In this four-session seminar on Hebrews, we'll do our best to listen to the story Hebrews tells and reflect on what we might learn from this wise pastor's example.

Take a look at the conference sessions planned:

· Session 1: Hebrews @ a Glance

· Session 2: The Story Hebrews Tells, Part 1

· Session 3: The Story Hebrews Tells, Part 2

· Session 4: Memoirs of an Extraordinary Pastor

I'm looking forward to this time together in October. I hope you can join this engaging study of Hebrews. If you do make an effort to come, you will better understand Hebrews and Biblical Theology. Plus, you get to see plenty of other WARBC people!

Keep an eye out for another update next week with more logistical details.

So, before moving on to your next agenda item for the day, could you block out October 17-18, 2021, to join us in Verona? Your presence will make the gathering that much better.

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