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1 Peter Commentaries

I am finishing up a sermon series on First Peter this coming Sunday. It’s been a fun series to preach and a challenging book to study. Since most who read this blog are pastors, I thought I would list the top commentaries I have been using for the series in case someone else is planning on preaching through 1 Peter.

While every resource listed is good, Jobes and Schriener’s commentaries stood out as the best, in my opinion. Davids and Doriani’s works closely followed those two.

What resources for 1 Peter have you found helpful?

Abernathy, David. An Exegetical Summary of 1 Peter, 2nd ed. SIL International, 2008.

Clark, Gordon Haddon. New Heavens, New Earth: First and Second Peter, 2nd ed. Jefferson,

Md: Trinity Foundation, 1993.

Clowney, Edmund P. The Message of 1 Peter: The Way of the Cross., The Bible Speaks Today.

InterVarsity Press, 1988.

Davids, Peter H. The First Epistle of Peter (New International Commentary on the New

Testament). Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1990.

Doriani, Daniel M. 1 Peter. Edited by Richard D. Phillips, Philip Graham Ryken, and Daniel M.

Doriani, Reformed Expository Commentary. P&R Publishing, 2014.

Elliott, John Hall. A Home for the Homeless: A Sociological Exegesis of 1 Peter, Its Situation

and Strategy.Eugene, Or.: Wipf & Stock Publishers, 2005.

Hiebert, D. Edmond. 1 Peter. Winona Lake, Indiana: BMH Books, 1997.

*Jobes, Karen H. 1 Peter, Second edition., Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New

Testament. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Academic, a division of Baker Publishing

Group, 2022.

Keener, Craig S. 1 Peter: A Commentary. Baker Academic: A Division of Baker Publishing

Group, 2021.

Kistemaker, Simon J. Exposition of James, Epistles of John, Peter, and Jude, The New

Testament Commentary. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2002.

Marshall, I. Howard. 1 Peter, The IVP New Testament Commentary Series. InterVarsity Press,


McKnight, Scot. 1 Peter, The NIV Application Commentary. Zondervan Publishing House, 1996.

Michaels, J. Ramsey. 1 Peter, Vol. 49, Word Biblical Commentary. Word, Incorporated, 1988.

*Schreiner, Thomas R. 1, 2 Peter, Jude, Vol. 37, The New American Commentary. Broadman &

Holman Publishers, 2003.

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