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Church History

(This was originally posted on April 3, 2019)

I have had the privilege of teaching at a small seminary in India for the past couple of years. The plan is for me to return again in September. Among other classes, I have taught Sections One and Two of Church History (Early Church History and Medieval Church History). I’ve somewhat endured these first two sections so I could get to the last part: Reformation to the Present!

In this week’s post, I would like to share a few resources that I have found very helpful as I have prepared for the Church History courses in India.

For a high-level overview of Church History, Bruce Shelly’s Church History in Plain Language (4th ed.) is excellent. I recommend this book for every home.

The best resource for a more comprehensive account of church history that is also very readable has to be Nick Needham's four-volume set, 2000 Years of Christ Power. Every pastor should have this set on his shelf (or hard drive!).

However, if you want to brush up on your church history but do not want to spend any money, head over to your WARBC-provided Right Now Media account – there are some excellent videos on church history. There are many biographies (e.g., Knox, Luther, Edwards, and Spurgeon) as well as a few series on church history.

Stephen Nichols is an excellent voice on church history as is Robert Godfrey and Timothy George. I recommend each of their series and they are all available for free to you on Right Now Media.

I would also recommend Stephen Nichols' 5 Minutes in Church History podcast as an easy way to engage in Church History.

What resources would you recommend for Church History?

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