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Church Security

(This was originally posted on January 23, 2020)

The world is changing. The moral, political, and church culture of our nation has radically changed in the past decade or two. These changes are forcing pastors to consider issues that they never would have dreamed about facing even just a few years ago. Policies and procedures that were not necessary previously are not vital to each church. Trying to stay current with policies can be disorienting and confusing to church leadership.

One issue that churches are being forced to consider is security during church services. On the one hand, this is not new. I remember my childhood church implementing a security team after hubcaps were stolen by neighborhood teens. The men on the security team would take turns patrolling the parking lot during worship services. So, security issues have been around for a long time.

On the other hand, the level of security needs to be much higher and more organized. Hubcap theft isn’t the main threat anymore; dealing with someone with a firearm is now a potential threat that churches have to consider.

Brian Richard, the pastor of Brookridge Church, sent me some helpful material that their church recently used. I pass along his note and links to a webinar:

We purchased the Safe and Secure Church Curriculum from Brotherhood about a year ago and found it to be excellent. We have now implemented a full church security team and receive additional training from a security consultant based near Milwaukee. He is willing to come to churches at NO COST and help develop a security program. He teaches concealed carry classes throughout Wisconsin. 

I have included the link to the recent webinar mentioned above. It is excellent and will bring up a lot of important discussions that should be taking place in our churches. If you feel appropriate, I would recommend sending this link out. 

Here is the information on the security specialist:

Gary Poindexter

MDP, llc

Master Chief Instructor


The webinar recording and slides from the Church Security Webinar hosted by Group Publishing are available here:

I also want to invite you to learn more about the additional church security training resources mentioned during the webinar, including:

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