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Declining Church Attendance

A fellow WARBC pastor recently shared an article with me. You can read the short post here. In summary, the author lists four attitudes that hurt church attendance:

  1. The attitude that church membership is not biblical.

  2. The attitude that we are part of a church primarily to get our needs met.

  3. The attitude that church leaders are not held to a higher standard.

  4. The attitude that expectation of faithful church attendance is legalistic.

Even though the article comes from 2018, his analysis is relevant four years later. I suppose that is because those attitudes come from a sinful nature that is timeless.

Even though the analysis and short commentary found in the article are good, I wonder what the solutions are? Most pastors would read each of those four attitudes, nod their heads, and think, “Yup, that’s true.”

How should churches, pastors, and members alike, respond to combat each of those four attitudes?

Let me know your practical solutions in the comments!

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