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Many pastors have not had the opportunity to sit in a classroom with a gifted theologian and stretch their theological muscles in quite some time.

That's why another pastor near me and myself founded the Pastor-Theologian Collective, which convenes three times a year. Great teaching, fellowship, and lunch are provided free of change at each PTC. While not a WARBC event, several WARBC pastors have attended and would recommend you participating as well - see the website for some of their reviews.

At previous PTC gatherings, gifted theologians such as Dr. Chris Brauns, Dr. Ed “Mickey” Klink, and Dr. Jared Compton have shared their knowledge and insights on topics such as forgiveness, the book of John, and Biblical Theology from the book of Hebrews.

The upcoming gathering promises to be just as enlightening, with Dr. Douglas Sean O’Donnell (Ph.D - University of Aberdeen) presenting a seminar on Preaching Job. In addition to writing my favorite commentary on Ecclesiastes, Dr. O'Donnell is a gifted theologian who serves as the Senior VP of Bible Editorial with Crossway Publishing.

The next Pastor-Theologian Collective meeting will take place on May 9th in Verona, Wisconsin. Registration details can be found at Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your theological understanding and connect with other ministry leaders in the area.

Register today! I hope to see you there.


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