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How to Read a Book

I’m reading a book titled How to Read a Book. Some of you may recognize that title from a 1940 publication by Mortimer Adler. Adler’s book is good, but I have always been reluctant to recommend it because it’s not written in a way most people find accessible. For example, there are several chapters on how to read mathematics, science, philosophy, etc. I don't know too many people who are looking to read math books.


Even so, Alder’s book is helpful. However, I interact most with people who share a biblical worldview and who desire to become better readers but simply don’t know how. I have long thought the Christian world needed a book similar to Adler’s but written from a Christian worldview.


Enter this new How to Read a Book by Dr. Andrew Naselli. It’s excellent. To be clear, Naselli’s book is not just an update of Adler’s book. It’s a whole new work written with a specific audience in mind.

So, who should read this book? Dr. Naselli answers that question in the Introduction with three possibilities:


  1. You already like to read, and you want to pick up tips and inspiration from a fellow reader who shares your love for reading. This short book is for you.

  2. You have a love-hate relationship with reading. You like to read, but it’s intimidating. You feel discouraged that you don’t read enough—or enough of the best stuff. You think you should read more and better somehow and are looking for help. Maybe you are frustrated that you read too slowly or that you have a hard time understanding what you read. Maybe you are gifted at math and science and are already decent at reading for information, but you would like to get better at reading literature. This short book is for you.

  3. You are a student, and your professor is requiring you to read this book. Perhaps you are dutifully planning to slog through it—even though your expectations may be low since it seems strange and boring (and maybe even a waste of time) to read a book on how to read a book. Hang in there. I hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised how the advice in this book enhances your reading.

If you visit Dr. Naselli’s website, you can read more about his book and watch videos from when he has lectured on the book at various venues.


I hope you read the book!


Before I close, don’t forget to register for the WARBC Annual Conference by clicking here. Dr. Thad Bergmeier from EveryEthne will be our speaker, and it will be well worth your time!



I also invite you to a Pastor-Theologian Collective meeting on Tuesday, May 14th, in Oregon, WI. Dr. Gerald Hiestand (Co-Founder of the Center for Pastor Theologians) will be speaking.


Then, the next PTC gathering will be with Dr. Andrew Naselli (recognize that name?) in September of this year. And in February of 2025, Dr. Thomas Schreiner will be our speaker. You can register for any of the PTC Gatherings for free at



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I have ordered on Kindle and added it to my hundreds-of-books-long reading cue!


$8.99 on kindle.


Now we need a book on how to read a blog :) Thanks for the post!

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