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One underused feature on our website is the Shareables section. I think this could be an excellent way for our Association churches to benefit each other. Let me explain it a bit and then tell you what I recently uploaded. Finally, at the end of this post I share a request for something that I need your help on.

The Shareables page is a place where you can upload documents, images, files, etc., that may be beneficial to other churches. Even if you think your policy document, sermon illustration, or leadership idea is not all that special, other pastors may (probably will) benefit from it!

Even if someone else doesn’t use what you upload, seeing what other churches are doing will help spark creativity and ideas for other churches and pastors. If you don’t see a category that gits what you want to share, you can easily create a new folder. So, share your stuff! :-)

I recently uploaded some documents that may be of help to some of you. For example, I uploaded a gluten-free communion bread recipe that our church has been using for several years.

We recently had an ordination service at our church. Therefore, I uploaded several documents that may be of help to other churches in their ordination process. For example, we have Elder Vows at our church. I uploaded those vows to the Shareables section of our website. Also, there is:

- The bulletin for our most recent Ordination Service.

- A letter I wrote to the council that delineates what we look for in a lay elder.

- An example of the Council recommendation letter.

- Our church’s elder process outline.

- A worksheet I gave to the council members to use during the questioning.

Maybe someone will benefit from those documents, maybe not. But it’s there for you to look at and at least get ideas for your ministry needs.

I also uploaded a recent order of service to the Shareables page. I would love to see what your church typically does on a Sunday. Could you take a minute to upload a typical Sunday Order of Service? Doing so will give me ideas and perhaps help other pastors as well.

I hope you take the time to invest in other ministries. Who knows, your sacrifice of 5-10 minutes may save another pastor 1-2 hours of work?

Let’s share our stuff!

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