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If you attended the conference in Plover last month, you heard me talk about a key feature of website. The “Shareables” tab allows us to share files with each other. I added a couple of folders today and uploaded some files. I encourage you to check it out.

Think about how it would help our association if each pastor would share 4-5 of their most helpful files with others. These could be illustrations, flowcharts, policies, checklists, or anything that you find useful. Don’t see a category for something you want to share? Create a folder for it!

Let’s use this resource to help each other serve Christ!

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I find it most interesting that Google Chrome has blocked a number of your shareables as "dangerous". Some of these cannot be opened for that reason. It's church related stuff, so how "Dangerous" can any of it be?? Just thot you should know. LAWRENCE

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