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Resources from fellow WARBC Pastors!

One thing I love about Bill Mattox is how he embraces technology, even though he is one of the oldest pastors in the WARBC. Seriously, he remembers Moses’ ministry well. All kidding aside (and Bill is a good friend, so I can tease him), he does look to use technology as best as he can for the sake of the gospel.


Most recently, Bill began making the sermon notes available through a QR code. Why is this important? Because several people like to take notes on their tablets and then save them for future use. By putting the sermon notes handouts online, those who want to take notes digitally can do so more efficiently.


I put Bill’s instructions for his congregation in the Sharables section of the WARBC website. You can find it in the Preaching/Sermon Ideas folder. You can scan the QR code on the top of his instructions to see how it works.


Also, Mark Brooks sent me the new covenant for Heritage Baptist Church. Take a look at it in the Covenants/Constitutions/Articles of Faith folder. And while you are there, upload your church documents! And if your church does not have a covenant, I strongly encourage you to develop and adopt one.


I’m grateful Bill and Mark sent me those documents to share. And as a reminder, you can upload documents yourself. You don’t need me to do it for you. I don’t mind doing it, but I want you all to share what you have without me being a bottleneck.


So, share away!



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QR Codes and notes - Pretty slick idea, Bill. Thanks.

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