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One of the good ones...

How many emails do you get each day?


I don’t know the number for me, but it is a lot! Most emails are not too noteworthy, but a few really good ones come into my inbox.


Last week, Jack Austin sent me an email that was one of the good ones. Most of his notes to me are good anyway, but this one was great because he told me he uploaded something to the Sharables section of our website!


I’ve been promoting this feature for a long time, and finally, someone posted something on their own! :-) What did he post? A helpful guide for preaching.


Check it out here. It’s called the Preaching Cheat Sheet – Tips for Preaching.


While you are there, post some of your content to the site so others can also benefit!


Oh! And don’t forget to register for the annual meeting on October 20-21, 2024!

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