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Read More Books...Faster

As I look around my study, I see many books that I have read and benefitted from reading. I also see books on my shelf that I have not had the time to read yet. On top of that, I see books that I know I need to reread because they were so good the first time!

Perhaps you can relate.

One tool that I have been using for a while now is Accelerate Books. They provide book briefs that give the salient points of conservative Christian books. There are two main ways that I use Accelerate Books:

1. To read the summary of a book that I have not yet read. Doing so will help me see if the book is worth purchasing, or it can give me just enough to benefit from knowing what current authorship is producing.

2. I also use the book briefs from Accelerate Books to review/refresh a book that I have already read. For example, the other day, I downloaded the book brief on Paul Tripp's Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands to review the book's main points. I read that book years ago, but it was good to have a summary to remind me of the book's main points.

If you would like to see a sample book brief, head to their website, and you can download their book brief on Jerry Bridges' The Discipline of Grace (a great book, by the way!).

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Mark Brooks
Mark Brooks

Thanks Jeremy. Hadn't heard of this. I ordered my free summary and will seriously consider joining. I am probably the worst of all possible people at having many books that remain unread!

Mark Brooks
Mark Brooks

I signed up for a year. I think it's a resource I'll continue to use. I don't even read a lot of the summaries, but I know they are there if I want to check out a book without reading the whole thing!

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