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Sharpening the Axe

You know the story - a guy spends a lot of time sharpening his axe while others immediately start chopping trees. Those working look at the guy sharpening his axe with contempt, wondering how he could waste so much time. But in the end, the man cut more lumber in a shorter amount of time than everyone else. Why? His tool was sharp.

In today's blog post, Pastor Bill Mattox shares how he recently sharpened a tool and how you might benefit from other opportunities.

If you are like me, you may wish you could wrap your mind around the power that the Logos Bible Software can bring to study, research, and sermon preparation … or maybe the book you always wanted to write. I recently attended a webinar on using Logos to collect and store data for research, thought development, and coordinating it for use with other tools within the Logos ecosystem like notes, factbook, and sermon builder. If you have Logos, I highly recommend attending some of their webinars. If you don’t have Logos … beg your church to buy it for you! 

A webinar runs for about 30 minutes, with time at the end for questions. It is time well spent!

Here is a link to future Logos webinars.

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