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Thinking through a plan to regather...2.0

(This was originally posted on May 14, 2020)

Well, some posts don’t age well. As seems to happen every time during this COVID-19 crisis, moments after I finalize a plan, circumstances change!

Just hours after I posted here yesterday, the Supreme Court of Wisconsin struck down Governor Evers’ Stay at Home Order. This ruling left the decision on how to proceed up the County Health Departments. Minutes after the verdict, the Dane County Health Department released its plan. Other counties are following suit.

Because my church is in Dane County, I have clear instructions about what we can do right now. Essentially, churches in Dane County have been deemed an essential business and can congregate at 25% occupancy. Perhaps your county has released similar information.

Here is my new advice: follow your local county health department’s recommendation. If there is no recommendation, you may want to begin meeting again slowly. I’ve provided two links to more resources that may be helpful as you make your plans. I don’t necessarily agree with all those resources, but reading them will give us a useful perspective on what we should be considering.

I’ve also included a link to a document that is very interesting. The paper deals with “Second-Order Effects” to the Coronavirus. It may prove helpful in our pastoring.

Let’s be praying for each other!

Recommended Reading:

Three Thoughts on Navigating Potential Conflict in Reopening Church by Jared Poulton (I know nothing about Mr. Poulton, but the article was sent to me and I thought it was worth consideration).

Returning to Church by Wisconsin Council of Churches (helpful links at bottom of article)

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