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Three Events Designed to Bless You and Stretch you.

I know of three upcoming opportunities that can help you grow in your understanding of the Bible and enhance your spiritual walk and ministry.

First, Camp Fairwood has retreats for men and women in September. Both retreats will bless you and those in your church. Click here for more details or to register.

The second event I want to tell you about is designed for pastor-theologians and is in Verona (Madison) on September 20, 2022. This isn’t a WARBC event but is open to any pastor-theologian who wants to attend. Dr. Edward Klink III will discuss the Gospel of John for a couple of hours. I was on the phone with him today sketching the details of the day, and I’m looking forward to what he will present. You can find out more information and register for this free event by clicking here.

The last opportunity on the horizon that you need to know about is our Annual Meeting / Fall Conference.Lord willing, we plan to gather at Calvary Baptist Church in Wisconsin Rapids on October 23rd and 24th. The theme of the sessions is Majoring on the Minor Prophets. We will hear from WARBC Pastors and benefit from their studies of the Minor Prophets. You can find out more information and register by clicking here.Please register as soon as possible so we can make proper food arrangements.

We hope you can attend the Fall Conference. Remember, it’s not just a gathering for pastors. Anyone interested in learning more about the Book of the Twelve should plan on participating. Your presence will make the conference better.

If you have questions concerning either the WARBC Annual Meeting / Conference or the Verona Pastor-Theologian gathering, contact me at

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