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Zoo Lights: A Metaphor

Last night, my family visited the Henry Vilas Zoo to keep up our annual Christmas tradition of taking in the Zoo Lights. If you are around Madison and can go, I recommend it. They added a new attraction this year: A light maze. It’s fun, so fun we did it twice.

I couldn’t help but take a metaphor from walking through a maze of beautiful, sparkling lights. It’s easy to lose your way when surrounded by beauty. The goal of a maze is to get out, not stop, and admire every light along the way. And there were thousands of lights to distract us.

Life is like that – we have millions of sparkly things that can capture our attention for too long and cause us to forget our mission and purpose. Instead of allowing the “lights” to give beauty to fulfilling our mission, we make gazing at the lights our mission and ignore our real purpose for being here.


So, we should take in the “lights” of this world, but we only allow them to give beauty to the mission, not become the mission of our lives.

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1 Comment

Judith Burling
Judith Burling
Dec 27, 2023

Very well said. I pray I don't get distracted with all the stuff around me.Keep focused on Jesus!

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