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Sermon Series Graphics

A few weeks ago, a WARBC pastor contacted me about some graphics I used for a sermon series. He was considering doing a similar series and asked if he could use some of our graphics. Of course, I was happy to share what we had with him.

This reminded me that we have an underused page on our website where we can share resources. So, I uploaded those graphics to the website in case someone else might find them helpful.

I also uploaded the graphics from our series on 1 Peter that we recently finished. Finally, our next sermon series will cover several of God's names mentioned in the Bible. The graphics we plan to use for that sermon series are available as well.

You can find the graphics for each sermon series here. We are not professional graphic designers, but we are willing to share what we have if someone would benefit from what we have.

Use whatever you can. Leave something for someone else in the Sharables section if you are able.

PS - Canva is a great free tool for making sermon graphics. As a bonus, churches and non-profits are eligible for a free Pro account!

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